Posted on November 17, 2018


I bought a new 20 black cart. Remove the paper tray. I have a deskjet professional series C HP. My printer was working fine but I noticed that the the dark blue colored lettering had pink lines mix in that made my letters striped instead of one solid color. Thanks for any comments. Hello, I really need your help. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

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They have lost all credibility and a future sale. Deskjte Code uint Y Resolution uint16 Could you tell me if when I have both a colour and a black ink cartridge installed, when printing a black document does it choose only the black cartridge? BoxSabo – Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria if possible to work in your organization.

HP Deskjet 612c Manuals

I have a deskjet professional series C HP. I hope you help me to resolve the problem. I just wanna know how many cartridges does the printer need. Priority Of Commands The clip has come against a stop. I am actually a newbie.

Recent Drivers  BENQ DW1650 DRIVER

Which product would you like to protect?

Take note of this lever while the case is off. Office Max says the cartridge should still be good after only 9 pics, it is only 3 wks old.

Current Active Position cap Can I fix this myself? You installed new cartridges, removed their protective tape, and have cleaned the cartridge and carriage contacts, right. Ss there an adapter you can buy that makes my C compatible with my new computer?

If not, I will be glad to try and help you sometime monday, if I can. Underline Thickness ubyte I don’t know what else to try. Priority Of Feature Set Commands Verify that you have good cartridges and the correct cartridges. You need a 20 instead. I have spend two days messin’ around with this and am ready to take a sledge hammer to it.

Hp Deskjet c Manuals

Vertical Motion Index Font Scaling Technology After hooking it up again, it won’t print. Move Cap Horizontal decipoints The error message says the device is not connected. Then I did the test and got a pattern with no red or orange, just blue and yellow and thin wht lines through.


When I move paper pickup wheels, the motor spindle moves. I need drivers, it seems, as hp does not have the drivers on their web site.

Both power and ff lights are flashing at the same time.

My printer is recieving the print from my computer, then it feeds 612x paper, and it just stops and the little “feed paper” light starts blinking After the upgrade my HP Deskjet c did not work.